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September, the month of change.

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September is a month that sees many people starting something new. I am not sure if it is because children start school in September, or because the season changes too.  The colours are amazing with beautiful Autumnal colours of rustic Oranges and Reds and beautiful Golden hues.

Now is a great time to think about changing your look to complement the change of season. Whether it be updating your make up or perhaps changing your hair colour September seems to be a popular month to make those changes. Our skin changes through the year as well, not only the thought of the sun fading our tans, but also our skins texture. The change of temperature can cause our skin to become dry or flaky,  now is an important time to stay hydrated and moisturised. You may need to think about amending your skincare routine to include a nourishing moisturiser through the Autumn months.

When the children go back to school they also have a tendancy to bring home not only homework, but also viruses, coughs and colds. Now would be a great time to take a good quality Multivitamin and Mineral and perhaps some Antioxidants, to help keep those bugs at bay.

September - a great month of change in all sorts of Aspects.



We all need a bit of Southern Cross

Well what a week. I am not about to start on the Politics train but I am sure you agree that it has been a somewhat turbulent few days/weeks and that is saying something.

During times of turmoil I see many people who benefit greatly by using flower remedies to support them. Australian Bush flower remedies bring about not only physical change but emotional change as well.

There are a few that spring to mind as being beneficial at this time, Southern Cross allows us to free ourselves from bitterness and resentment whilst allowing us to take control and be responsible for our actions. Yellow cowslip Orchid helps to remove elements of being critical and judgemental, allowing us to be accepting of others and their ideas allowing for fair and compassionate arbitration whilst observing the facts.  Of course as a good "all round" essence I have used Emergency essence a lot this week.  Not only does it help in times of shock and trauma, it also brings relief from those who feel a sense of panic, distress and feeling unable to cope with challenges that lay aheadin their lives.


What a difference a colour change makes.

Well we have had such an amazing response to our new elumen colours.  A variety of shades from Purple, Blue and green have seen some amazing transformations at the Beauty Barn.

Elumen creates Vibrant, intense colour results with amazing shine leaving the hair looking and feeling luxurious and healthy.

Here is a sample of our latest creations, pop in and see the full range of colours available and to discuss restyle options.

.Purple re designBlue Purple hair make over

Here comes the Sun.....

I love the sun. Everything seems so much brighter, I am more productive, I smile more and I feel so much healthier.  The summer wardrobe comes out, the crop tops, little dresses and flip flops. Then the panic sets in, I have neglected my poor feet. I look like a cross between a wolf and a monkey. The hard skin has set up home quite comfortably on my heels and my toe nails look like they have never seen the light of day. I need to sort them out but how. I  have also sat quite snuggly in my big baggy jumpers and eaten my own body weight in carbs all winter, that I now struggle to reach my own feet. So yes I head to the Beauty barn and get my feet the treat they deserve. A long over due pamper.  It is amazing how much we rely on our feet and how much we negelect them. Regular pedicures are so important, massage of the lower leg helps to improve circulation, which helps move lymph improving the immune system. Removal of hard skin can help to prevent Corns and Bunions, regular toe nail clipping prevents nails from becoming too long which could cause infections. I for one will be making sure I spend more time looking after my feet, afterall I spend a lot of time on them!

 Are your Feet ready for those Flip Flops

Competition Time

Well it is time for another Competition. How would you like to receive a wonderful Active Vitamin Facial, A skincare consultation, Nutritional advise and a bag of goodies? Entering is easy, simply go to our facebook page, like it and tell us why you deserve the pampering. It's that simple. 

.Competition Time 1

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