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Competition Time

Well it is time for another Competition. How would you like to receive a wonderful Active Vitamin Facial, A skincare consultation, Nutritional advise and a bag of goodies? Entering is easy, simply go to our facebook page, like it and tell us why you deserve the pampering. It's that simple. 

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I spy with my really sore eye!

I have had some weird eye thing going on this week and have to say that I would have been lost without my Neal's Yard Frankincense Intense Eye cream.  It started a week or so ago. I woke up and my eye was Red, Puffy and sore. I use the Frankincense Intense range so I headed straight to the bathroom cabinet and use a tiny rice grain size of eye cream and using my third finger (as it is the weakest and therefore the best one to use on the delicate eye area) i dabbed around the orbital bone of both eyes. I did this morning and night and could see the difference after only one day.

This insert is what is displayed on their website. 

Consumer Trial Results (after 15 days) for the Frankincense Intense Eye Cream:

73% agree their lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced

78% agree their eye look less puffy

76% agree dark circles are less visible81% agree the skin around their eyes looks brighter

tfrankincense trio image

I have put the cream on morning and night and the puffy sore areas have improved greatly. The whole Frankincense Intense Range is sublime. 

Where have the year's gone?

I have been away this weekend, catching up with people I used to work with over 20 years ago.  We meet up once a year and each year the group extends and the reunion grows.  I remember the first time i went I was so nervous. Silly really as everyone was as I remembered them and it didn't feel like I had been away.  I had some lovely comments like "you have not changed a bit" and "you still look so young" well, yes the drink was flowing so it could have been the beer talking, however I like to think that it is the fact that I try to look after my skin now I am well over 40.  I absolutely swear by drinking lots of water, it plumbs and hydrates the skin and works wonders.  I always use the Frankintense Intense range twce a day, including the serum.  The most wonderful nutritional supplement I have used is Skin Acumax, it helps to clear blemishes and it restored not only my skin but my self confidence.  Jane Iredale make-up is an absolute must for me, quick to apply, stays put and gives a wonderful finish.  So I came home Monday and we have re-booked again for next year.  I will be half way through my 40's by then and intend to behave like I did 20+ years previously.Frankincense Intense Concentrate

Love is in the air.....Nearly.

Well January has almost left us, either I am getting older or the time is going quicker. My boiler broke last week so for three days I had no heating or hot water.  We camped out in the lounge and made it a game.  The mornings were interesting, if my poor kettle could talk it would tell you that it saved us quite a bit. What did we do before we had hot showers and central heating.  I have to say I slept like a baby for those three days, perhaps the air was purer.  

I have to say that whilst every hair appointment is a chance for a sit down and a bit of me time, this week I was particularly grateful to get a decent hair wash as well. Our usual routine went out the window along with of course my hair care and skin care routines.  This month's special offer includes one of my new favourites the Neroli Elastisizer.  I cannot tell you how much this award winning product has improved my dry and lack lustre hair recently.  The smell is also out of this world. As a person who enjoys using Aromatherapy, I not only get the benefits to my hair, I get the benefit to my brain as well, and as any of you who have had to have a new boiler fitted in the middle of winter would confirm, stress levels were at an all time high!

Fragrance Christmas Low Res

Creatively Speaking..... well writing!

This Christmas my lovely husband got me a book Entitled Big Magic by the Author Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is all about living a creative life. Not giving up, and being the best you can be whilst loving what you do.  I love books, always have, and although I read alot of online articles and dip in alot of books and do lots of research, I haven't read a non fiction book cover to cover quite as fast as I have this one in quite a while.

I am not sure why this particular book has grabbed me, maybe because I can relate to Elizabeth, she has always persued her dreams no matter how many times she heard the word "No" what a wonderful way to live your life.  I have always liked writing, but have never really thought I was any good at it. Elizabeth teaches us that if you love it, then that is all you should focus on.  She is, of course completely right. so guess what?  I am going to be writing alot more articles this year on all sorts of topics, health, wellbeing, beauty, things that I enjoy, perhaps along the way you will enjoy them too.

So what are you going to do this year to tap into your creative side? Maybe paint, write, decorate? Perhaps you will find a new you? Change you appearance perhaps? Be bold? Throw caution to the wind and change your make up bag contents? Book in for a brand new hair colour and restyle your locks? Whatever it is, make sure you love it, as that is what truly matters. 

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