Creatively Speaking..... well writing!

This Christmas my lovely husband got me a book Entitled Big Magic by the Author Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is all about living a creative life. Not giving up, and being the best you can be whilst loving what you do.  I love books, always have, and although I read alot of online articles and dip in alot of books and do lots of research, I haven't read a non fiction book cover to cover quite as fast as I have this one in quite a while.

I am not sure why this particular book has grabbed me, maybe because I can relate to Elizabeth, she has always persued her dreams no matter how many times she heard the word "No" what a wonderful way to live your life.  I have always liked writing, but have never really thought I was any good at it. Elizabeth teaches us that if you love it, then that is all you should focus on.  She is, of course completely right. so guess what?  I am going to be writing alot more articles this year on all sorts of topics, health, wellbeing, beauty, things that I enjoy, perhaps along the way you will enjoy them too.

So what are you going to do this year to tap into your creative side? Maybe paint, write, decorate? Perhaps you will find a new you? Change you appearance perhaps? Be bold? Throw caution to the wind and change your make up bag contents? Book in for a brand new hair colour and restyle your locks? Whatever it is, make sure you love it, as that is what truly matters. 

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