Kinesiology began as a field of medicine developed by Dr George Goodheart (chiropractor) in the 1960's and was primarily working with muscles and joints.

The therapy is rapidly gaining in popularity as a powerful yet gentle way of helping people regain their health. It is my aim that at the end of every treatment the client is able to take charge of their own health and feels empowered and motivated to achieve their desired outcome.

The basic tool is a series of gentle muscle tests which involves the therapist applying gentle pressure to an arm or leg for example to test the response of the muscle beneath. The arm or leg is put into a specific position to isolate, as far as possible the muscle in question. The muscle will either be able to resist the light pressure or not and it is this that can be used by the Kinesiologist to gain valuable information about what is needed to restore the body to balance.

The Kinesiologist uses this response to access information in the body that neither the Kinesiologist or potentially the client was previously aware of.

As Progressive Kinesiology aims to treat the individual rather than the presenting symptom a wide variety of ailments can be helped.

I am experienced in helping people with Digestive complaints, skin conditions, general aches and pains, hormonal imbalances and emotional stresses.

As the treatment can involve diet and lifestyle changes, you should check with your doctor or consultant where it is appropriate to do so.

The Holistic Approach

Kinesiology is one of the few therapies that can truly be called holistic treating the person, emotionally, physically and chemically (nutritionally).

Physical factors could include imbalance in muscle and joint function, weak or tight muscles, misalignments of the cranium, pelvis and vertebrae in the spine,

Chemical factors could include imbalances in blood chemistry, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, toxicity.

Emotional/mental factors could include negative belief system, stress, anxiety, insomnia.

Any of the above factors in any combination could be contributing at any one time and the beauty of Kinesiology is that it identifies the factors in order of importance and the corresponding corrections also.

A range of techniques are used during a treatment including, massage of muscle, neuro lymphatic points, nutirional supplementation, flower essences, positive thought work and counselling skills.

Anyone can benefit from Kinesiology from sports people, babies and young children through to the elderly.

You don't have to be suffering from a specific ailment to benefit from Kinesiology, many people have maintainence treatments to ensure optimum health. Others have treatments to improve posture, sports performance or general life performance.


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